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R&D and Applications

AB Biotek has access to one of the largest sources of yeast technology and fermentation know-how globally. Decades of research has created a unique portfolio of yeast products which can provide our distilled spirits customers with truly added value benefits allied to our product portfolio. Our distilled spirits specialists have a deep understanding of the fermentation science and processes used by our customers, enabling us to identify applications benefits which can unlock significant further value over and above that derived from our products.


For many years, our Sydney Technical Centre (STC) in Australia has been at the forefront of yeast research initiatives and development of our innovation pipeline. As part of the Associated British Foods (ABF) group of companies, we have direct access to an extensive range of technologies widely used in the distilled spirits industry.


In partnership with our Sydney Technical Centre (STC) in Australia, our regionally-based product development and applications teams have successfully provided yeast-based technologies to our globally expanding customer base.


Our core belief is that our customers not only require a producer of high quality yeast products but also one which has a deep understanding of the yeast and fermentation science relevant to their specific needs and processes. AB Biotek applications specialists have extensive experience in enabling customers to unlock additional value for their businesses.


In addition to our Sydney Technical Centre (STC) in Australia, AB Biotek has invested in specialist customer applications centres in North America, Europe and Asia. These centres enable our customers to have faster, more local access to our skilled applications specialists and our products.


At AB Biotek, we seek to develop strategic partnerships with our customers. Our partnership activity encompasses bespoke product development, contract production and technical support packages to support our customers in their distilled spirits fermentation processes. We recognise that our specially developed yeast products can deliver significant value to our customers, but in addition, our own fermentation know-how, in partnership with that of our customers, can deliver a step change in results. We are actively working with our distilled spirits customers who are leaders in their respective markets, on projects that are focused on adding significant value to their businesses. With extensive industry experience and knowledge, AB Biotek is well recognised as having a unique capability.


As a world leader in distilled spirits yeast technology, yeast production and fermentation know-how, AB Biotek is a strong partner to the independent bio-tech community, bio-tech industry operators and national/international institutes working in the distilled spirits sector. We continue to work on developing new products via our own R&D teams, but recognise that the pace and breadth of consumer demand requires product development in a wider research and development community, and at a faster pace than before. At AB Biotek we actively encourage technology partnering for distilled spirits customer solutions and work on a global basis with renowned institutes and universities.

Partnership Working

Product development begins with our own culture collection but we also have access to, and work with, a range of global technical partners. We believe that open collaboration is essential for ensuring AB Biotek can offer our customers solutions faster and more effectively to meet the pace of changes in market demand that exists today. As part of the Associated British Foods (ABF) group of companies, we also have access to some of the latest developments in enzyme technology and their applications into the distilled spirits market.

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